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‘The conclusion is irresistible that the military themselves know next to nothing about logistics’.

– United States Marine Corps Colonel George C Thorpe, Pure Logistics, 1917.

Welcome to ‘Logistics In War’, a site dedicated to exploring logistics and its impact on modern warfare.

‘Logistics In War’ is a public, unofficial, ‘Professional Military Education’ site, accompanied by a  Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/logisticsinwar/), LinkedIn group and Twitter handle (@logisticsinwar) which provides useful links and articles to a broad, but predominantly military, audience. It is managed and edited by David Beaumont, a serving Australian Army officer and PhD candidate at the Australian National University (Twitter handle @davidblogistics).

It is the purpose of ‘Logistics In War’ to instigate and inspire, continue and create, a discussion on military logistics that is so often sorely lacking (or if it does occur, does so behind closed doors). The vision for ‘Logistics In War’ sees it becoming broadly applicable; to reflect the many different approaches to logistics as practiced by different military Services, the Joint domain, and militaries of all persuasions.

Furthermore, ‘Logistics In War’ will support the establishment of an international community of military logisticians that can share ideas, concepts and useful material in an insightful, courteous and professional manner which reflects the values of the militaries and Defence organisations that its readers may serve in. In time, guest posts will be added to the site, including from the international military logistics community.

‘Logistics in War’ aspires to provide life to a topic area that is generally dry, overly technical and grossly specialised. Its practical perspective serves the logistician and commander alike. Logistics is, after all, the conjunction of military strategy and operational concepts with the realities and practicalities of war. It deals with facts and the compromises of commanders who must shape their decisions upon the limitations and constraints of their force. As Thomas Kane, in the great Military logistics and strategic performance, puts it, logistics is an ‘arbiter’ in battle and in war. It is therefore well worth our while to understand it.

Logistics, the means of strategy and tactics, determines what is practically possible in war. Its nature is expressed in operational choices and decisions. Therefore, understanding its nature is vital to operational commanders and leaders.

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Thanks for your interest. Enjoy the site.

Logistics in War

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