Below is a list of publications and blog posts prepared by the site lead, David Beaumont. You might note two general areas of interest; the first being logistics, and the second expeditionary warfare. There are numerous links between the two topics that will inevitably come to light throughout these publications, and the blog you are viewing now.


Chapter author of Logistics and the failure to modernise from Palazzo, A & Frame, T (eds), On Ops: Lessons for the Australian Army since East Timor, New South Press, 2016 available at

Major papers

Expeditionary warfare and military operations under a maritime strategy, Australian Army, 2014, at

Journal articles

Logistics, strategy and tactics: Balancing the art of war, Australian Army Journal, Vol 11, No 2, 2014 at

Logistics, strategy and tactics: Building the medium-weight army, Australian Army Journal, Vol 12, No 1, 2015 at (this link may be broken at present!)

Blog posts (Australian Army Land Power Forum)

Beyond the iron mountain: the paradox of efficient logistics, 2014 at

The case for an Army logistic narrative, 2015, at

Logistics and the dispersed battlefield: reframing the discussion, 2016, at

Logistics and the art of prioritisation, 2016, at

The commander, control of logistics and the false debate on centralisation: responding to the needs of the modern battlefield, 2016, at

The uncertain road to become expeditionary: conceiving the deployable Army of the future, 2016, at

The uncertain road to becoming expeditionary: reasserting the Army’s expeditionary credentials, 2016 at

Blog posts (The strategist, Australian Strategic Policy Institute)

The bigger challenge for the ADF’s amphibious capability, 2015 at