Call for submissions – Creating the ‘Future Logistician’

Next month the Future Logistician series of posts begins. The first will be posted on the 8th of May, on a variety of topics relevant to the preparing the right logisticians, military and civilian, for their future appointments – especially at the operational and strategic levels of their organisations. Posts already received include commentary on the structure of education, the development of commercial acumen, and the balance between Service and Joint training among others.

There is always time to contribute to the community of logistic professionals and interested readers, and if you can’t make the deadline but wish to write please send a message and we’ll propose alternatives. If you are short of ideas, have a read of the ADF’s Strategic J4’s reframing of the problem in the post ‘Future Logistician: Framing a New Approach’.

Logistics In War

“Transforming those force projection and sustainment processes cannot be done without competent and dedicated military and civil service logisticians to manage the changes and the processes. DoD must help them develop the new skill sets in performance-based service contracting and contract oversight, change management, knowledge management, and financial resource management, and the new technical skills that the new process designs require.  They will continue to need the operational logistics skills developed and honed through the last several decades of experience in campaign support. Much of what this book discusses demands leadership skills—the ability to inspire colleagues, contractors, and customers to continuously improve their processes. It’s a tall order.”

– General William G.T. Tuttle Jr., US Army (ret.), 2005[1]

After one’s career as a military logistician, particularly for those few who might reach the highest echelons of the military such as General Tuttle, most will have traversed a path that…

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