AIRBUS Hangar - Team Aero

 – Image by Department of Defence, 2018

‘The conclusion is irresistible that the military themselves know next to nothing about logistics’.

– United States Marine Corps Colonel George C Thorpe, Pure Logistics, 1917.

Welcome to ‘Logistics In War’, an Australian site dedicated to exploring defence logistics and its impact on modern warfare and defence institutional performance. It is a resource for defence logisticians, academics and national security specialists. More importantly it is a resource for commanders and decision makers whose influence over the logistics process, the conversion of economic resources at the strategic level to tactical logistics activities on the battlefield, determines success in war.

Logistics In War is accompanied by a  Facebook page ( and Twitter handle (@logisticsinwar). It is managed and edited by David Beaumont, a PhD candidate at the Australian National University (Twitter handle @davidblogistics).

Logistics In War’ seeks to instigate and inspire, continue and create, a professional discussion on military logistics that is sorely lacking. Furthermore, ‘Logistics In War’ supports the development of an international community of military logisticians that can share ideas, concepts and useful material in an insightful, courteous and professional manner reflective of the values of the militaries and Defence organisations that its readers may serve in.

Logistics, the means of strategy and tactics, determines what is practically possible in war. Its nature is expressed in operational choices and decisions, and is fundamental to military preparedness. Therefore, understanding its nature is vital to commanders and institutional leaders.

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