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Logistics, the means of strategy and tactics, determines what is practically possible in war. Its nature is expressed in operational choices and decisions. Therefore, understanding its nature is vital to operational commanders and leaders.

Thanks, in advance, for wanting to contribute to the discussion on military logistics!

Logistics in War welcomes any articles of between 1000-1500 original words of analysis and commentary on topics relating to military logistics and its impact on modern warfare. Shorter and longer pieces may be accepted; longer pieces are likely to be published these serially, after discussions with the author.

Logistics in War has an international audience, and all submissions should be made as broadly applicable as possible. This means – no jargon, and spell out acronyms first use! While Logistics in War will happily publish submissions on a wide variety of topics, we are particularly interested in the following topic areas:

  • Logistic lessons from operations,
  • Training and exercising logistics,
  • Logistics in the future battlespace,
  • The influence of technology on change in logistics,
  • Combatant requirements of logistics,
  • Literature and book reviews,
  • Recommendations for doctrine or further study, and
  • Theoretical and conceptual ideas relevant to the study of logistics.

Please consider the before you submit your work:

  • Your submission must be original and not previously published elsewhere except under arrangements with the Logistics in War team.
  • We will more than likely edited a few words here and there, but if major work or proof-reading is required, please expect the submission to be returned!
  • No anonymous submissions, and no – you will not be paid for your submissions.
  • Submitting your piece to us is not a guarantee of publication. The Logistics in War team will work with you to ensure it can be. If a more appropriate site exists for your submission, we may recommend you submit your article there.
  • The Logistics in War team may, if appropriate, invite comment to your article once it has been published.

By making your submission for our consideration, you agree to the conditions above. Please also keep in mind the following:

  • Your submission must be in a format that can be edited (Microsoft Word is the benchmark)
  • Include a short bio.
  • If you have pictures, graphs, etc, we prefer that you embed them the way you would like them to appear. You can also send us the originals as separate files. Logistics in War may choose to include relevant graphics and images as appropriate.
  • If you have a Twitter account or a Facebook page, please let us know. This will help us market you and your work.
  • Please use embedded hyperlinks as much as possible to verify claims

Remember, you are responsible for your own work. If you feel uncomfortable providing information in a public format, this site is not for you (nor will it accept liability for your work). Secondly, for Service personnel, please ensure you have read any relevant policy which may exist on social media use. These policies are keeping you safe, and are there for a very good reason.

We are honoured to receive your submission. Logistics in War will exist as long as there is a discussion on logistics – and we look forward to helping you have your voice.

The Logistics in War team,

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